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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Quick update...

At last we've enjoyed some dry weather, the last week has allowed the rivers to drop and clear, and while its got a little colder I still had a good feeling about a quick session on the lower river today...

I managed two Pike, a smaller lean, scamp of a fish that took an articulated streamer on the swing meant for Perch, and a good fish at 36ins which equates to 14lb on the Mona's length to weight scale. A solid fish that have a good account of herself on the 8wt, bar a couple of leeches she was in good condition also, obviously feeding well!

Apologies for the brief post, things are a little hectic right now with a house purchase going through, I hope to post some "proper" reports in the not too distant future!

Here's looking forward to spring!



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