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Friday, 24 August 2012

IM ALIVE!!!...

....Just in case you were wondering.

The weathers been great hasn't it?

My last post was 4 months ago, FOUR MONTHS!!!

 My apologies, since the great start to the Trout season i enjoyed I've honestly not done a lot, of fishing anyway! After the great start and all those out sized trout from the stream it rained, it rained and rained and rained and in fact it's raining right now as i look through the window, but a few times it stopped, almost long enough for the river to clear, but not often!

 To be honest i was getting a little bored of the spotty ones and was looking forward to the start of the coarse season and a little variety, it didn't happen, the two main rivers i fish have been up and down like the proverbial yo-yo, that combined with buying and restoring a 40yr old motorcycle kept me from the river bank for the past four months...

 I did however manage a few days fishing in Cornwall with my dad, and it happened to be probably the best weeks weather this summer, talk about flukey!

 Although hot, bright and still days are not usually what fishermen are looking for this was ok by me, my plans revolved round fishing at dawn/dusk plus some hours in complete darkness, the only problem for me would be trying to grab a few hours kip during the day in a sauna of a tent...

Some pictures...

 I did fish with my dad a few times(mostly in the evening) but due to his lack of obsession i fished the mornings on my own. The alarm went off at 2am to give me time to get to the mark in complete darkness to fish my way into dusk, it was worth the effort. I fished till mid morning then headed back to the tent for some shut eye, and then, after some sleep I'd head out to the deep water marks to fish them around low water sight fishing for Pollack in what were like giant aquariums due to the clarity and stillness. This was great fun and it felt good to have the sun on my back once again after weeks of the wet stuff, about time!

 The evenings were spent at varying marks depending on the mood of the day and how hard i wanted to work bearing in mind I'd be up at 2am again the morning! I had one particularly good session where the rising tide met the back of a rocky beach just as the sun dipped behind the cliffs leaving some cover for the Bass, which were three rod lengths out, fins erect as they browsed among the shallow gulley's. A short cast just past and to the side of a fish followed by a fast stripped Gurgler met with the savage take one was hoping for, not big fish but sight fishing for individual Bass is something to be savoured.

The Dark Side...

A little more about the morning sessions. These were without doubt the highlight of the trip for me, fishing the coast in darkness is just magic, i cant put into words the complete overload of stimuli to your senses that this brings, it just has to be experienced!...

Of course the half mile hike down hills, over gates, climbing down cliffs and(after turning off your headlamp) making your way across rocks to (almost) the waters edge takes a little getting used to and i wouldn't for one second suggest doing it on your own, like i did, oops! but if you can, DO IT! As i was saying after making your way across the rocks to almost the waters edge you stand and listen, and if the weather was like i enjoyed(not a breath of wind) you can hear all sorts going on out there! Splashes, slurps, dashes, gulls flapping to take off a well as owls behind me way up on the cliffs, like i said sensory overload! The rod was set up at the car, a floating line(Rio outbound) 9' leader and a 1/0 Gurgler in black was the setup, after stripping off a little line i cast(starting short), i could hear the fly gurgling nicely out there, i remember getting quite annoyed with the sound of my wading jacket rubbing against my side as i retrieved the fly, it was the only noise i didn't want to hear! I felt the head of the line thicken in my hands then start to taper off when i heard a sound very similar to that of a carp sipping, i realised it was MY fly that had been taken, tightened the line and all hell broke loose! well not all hell but a fit 2lb Bass close in and in full darkness feels pretty close to it!..

This happened a few times each morning, i took them on black and white gurglers as well as a 4" pattern (8th pic from the top) that looks a little like a small Pollack, so they took on and below the surface. I'm new to fishing in the dark but i fully intend to spend more time learning the "dark art". I read recently in Chris yate's latest book how spotting a deer in the day only took the attention of his eyes while to spot it at night commanded all his senses, that's kind of this felt to me, you can see a fish take a gurgler off the top in daylight but add to that darkness and ones imagination, you then have a recipe for some highly intense fishing, try it.......you just might like it!

Ill try not to leave it quite so long next time(wink wink)



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  1. Nice to have you back, Graham.

    Great pics and write up as usual! :-)

    Alan (Allrounder)