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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Brownie bonanza...

Second week into the Trout season and still the fish keep coming, i really cant remember such a good start, who'd have thought it given our rivers low and slow conditions?!

First an afternoon on the local stream a couple of days ago, it was a bright morning that drew Adam and myself to the water, which quickly turned cold and blustery as soon as we got out of the car! We waded a long way prospecting before a fish was found, and what a fish it was! We fished the whole stretch with Adam taking a couple of small fish and myself only contacting a couple of Dace, nice to see them on the stream though...

Release video

I managed to get out once again today, on arriving it was all blue skies and fluffy white clouds, once I'd walked to the entry point it started raining which left me cowering under a bridge for 20mins or so, but eventually the dark skies gave way and i was able to venture from my troll like shelter. The wind was strong and made casting light Nymphs and dries tricky between the many trees and brambles, and soon fish came my way, Baetis Nymphs and Olive emergers took most but i finished with a good fish on a tiny midge, i slung a short video together with some stills as well as a little footage, i hope you enjoy...


Rain is forecast for the rest of the week, and while I'm a little miffed due to having the week off work i know we need it so it's all good, plus I'm sure I've had more than my fortnightly quota of trout, it's only fair!

So i may be tying flies, I'll post some pics of a few in the next few days...



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  1. What a stunning looking fish, well done chap