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Thursday, 22 December 2011

2011 Retrospective...

And so we come to the end of another year, and although i hope to get to the river at least once during the crimbo/new year period it seems the right time for a quick look back at the last twelve months.

Spring was fantastic this year, we explored the upper reaches of a new river and found gold, with fins! Never before have i seen such sized wild brown trout in a beautifully untouched, overgrown and largely unfished little stream! I named the place "land of the giants", a well deserved title as the stream regularly gave us out sized fish, even a couple over 2lbs, what more could any fluff chucker want??!!!

We struggled to start with on my favourite tiny overgrown stream, but eventually got into some fish. This place isn't as quite as wide as "land of the giants", nor are the fish as big, but a prettier trout cannot be found, i doubt they exist, anywhere on the planet!

The coarse season started slowly also, due to the lack of rain the rivers were all low for pretty much the whole summer, even the Chub were hard to come by, paranoid never mind fearful... The low levels did however reveal one or two surprises including a lie that often held a Barbel or two, a nice shallow and shady gravel run between some reeds. The full story is in an earlier post but to say what happened after spotting those fish was a highlight of the year would be a huge understatement, I'm still not sure its sunk in.....

A few trips to the Cornish coast were very welcome throughout the summer, with the low river levels it was great to freshen up with some Bassing of the rocks and in the estuaries at dawn and dusk. A couple of sessions stick out, one dawn parade with friends where i hooked and pulled out of two good fish, well above average, either of which would probably have been a PB for me......sickening. The second fish took the fly as it came into view, i was retrieving it full pelt with both hands when it hit, turned 180 then headed straight back out taking with it all the line I'd just retrieved! Another fish followed a pound Pollack right to my feet as a played it, in the half light of dawn it looked 6lb, maybe bigger, I'll be back for all three fish next year!...

Another short session was in the middle of the day, in bright sunshine up a creek, "having a paddle", not what you'd call ideal conditions for Bass but this little corner holds a few small fish in amongst the huge amount of Mullet. This day was flat calm and i opted for a a size 10 Gammarus pattern fished on a floating line thrown by the 5wt, in the back of my mind i was hoping for a Mullet but to catch a couple of schoolies at close range on such gear was fantastic, it was kinda like Chubbing in a wide shallow river, extremely enjoyable...

Since the end of the summer i had a few more trips out on the river with a few surprise trout putting in an appearance, including a relative monster for a wild fish from a UK river! I took a trip over to the welsh coast with Adam from Rawson and Perrin but unfortunately the weather was not conducive to fly fishing so 8ft lure rods were the order of the day, and what a day it was! We both got into Bass and Adam managed a couple of other species, a gorgeous spot that i will definitely be returning to next summer, hopefully on a soft warm evening on a rising tide and the fly rod............mouth watering!

Autumn fishing has been tough, the rivers continued be stay low and the Pike haven't really played ball, we've had some rain now and hopefully things will improve once it's run off a little, which brings us back to now...

Hopes for 2012? As always I'd love to spend more time in the salt, it's just sods law i live next to the Bristol channel, one of the highest tidal ranges in the world causes more than a little "stirring up" which is not great for fly fishing, bait fishing can be excellent but the fish don't have much chance to eat your fly if they don't know it's there!....

I also look forward to getting back on the streams, after a winter of chucking huge 5/0 Pike flies around on the 8wt a little cane six footer is just the tonic, especially when transmitting the dashing around of a nice colourful wild brown trout!

So that's it for now, I'll wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year and leave you with 6 minutes of peace and quiet in the shape of a little small stream fishing.

Click HERE for the video and look forward to mother nature colouring the countryside in for us after a few months of drab-ness, get them fly boxes topped up, lines/reels and rods cleaned and it'll be here before you know it, honest(wink wink)...

Have a good one,



  1. Here's to next year mate.

    Have a good one.

  2. Cheers Tom, you have a good one too! Having to resort to bait in the morning due to a coloured river, hopefully one or two nice Roach will come my way and give me a nice picture to post!

    All the best,


  3. What a year you've had mate, the Barbel was certainly the proverbial icing on the cake ! As you say, i'm already starting to top up the salty selection in readiness for next summer. It was a pleasure to meet and fish with you this year and I look forward to more adventures with you down west next year... which isn't too far away now.... And I hope you get hold of that lunker next time you go back.... she'll probably be at least 7 by now.
    Happy Christmas to you and a very happy and successful 2012 !
    Lets get together for a day on the water soon;-)



  4. Great blog as ever Graham, interesting thoughts on trout liking the cold winters. I had a 2lber about half way along the 'our' river while spinning for chub. Fished the stretch since I was a kid first one I've ever heard about. Also had a few small trout from 'land of the giants' that fought like stink and were of a completely different silvery appearance to their less adventurous mates. I’ve had similar fish lower down the catchment just surprised they made it this far! All the best for 2012, cheers Ralph.

  5. Cheers Ralph! I had 11 Chub from our stretch before the rain, great sport on trotting gear. You fish the "land of the giants" river? I had no idea you fished other streams, it's a shame it's so far but well worth the journey...

    All the best to you in 2012 also!