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Monday, 31 October 2011

Long time no see...

Ive been away, not geographically, but away nonetheless...

Since my last post seasons have changed, well kind of! We've had some freakishly good weather for the time of year, this has been great for such pursuits as riding motorcycles but my local rivers have been next to lifeless. The fish have been pressured by the coarse anglers regardless of the low levels, and the poor finned ones have responded by becoming more paranoid than a stoner two days after losing his stash!

This lack of sport has kept me from my usual trips to the river, although i did get out after a little rain had spruced things up a little. Also a trip to the welsh coast was very much enjoyed although it was too rough for the fly rod unfortunately, taking Bass off the top on lures comes a close second to using fluff but it's no match, just what was required on the day.

He's a few pictures to keep things going while we wait for things to pick up, the rivers are still low and really need a good flush through to remove some weed and top the levels up, a few days steady light rain would be just the ticket, after all it'll soon be time for the toothy ones!

We'll start with a few from the excellent Frampton fair back in Sept:

And now it's up to the weather, i hope to have a trip out in the next few days to see if the Pike have woken up yet, AND more importantly if there's any water in the rivers! The clocks have gone back(why do we do this?) so this means even less time for fishing, every trip counts now, it could be snow melt and floods before we know it!...



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