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Friday, 9 September 2011

Spinning sport ...

Ok so i know this place is Wildflies, and the topic is fly fishing but recently in Cornwall i fell on and snapped my spinning rod, having the choice of a few lures is handy when on the coast because the wind can always scupper your best plans to fly fish! So after a little reading on the WWW i ordered a replacement, i quite fancied something lighter, faster and a bit shorter so plumbed for the Savage gear XLNT 8ft 10-40g. It arrived yesterday and i was eager to test it, i headed to the river today but was unable to fish the area i wanted due to every peg being taken, on a Friday and there was no match???!!!!!

I headed to another of my favourite areas hoping to tangle with a Pike or two plus some Perch, it didn't happen but i enjoyed myself hugely and am impressed with the rod, i even managed a great Brownie in 6ins of water on a tiny Mepps!

I also got out yesterday joined by Ben Perrin of Rawson and Perrin, he had a couple of new stream rod tapers he wanted to test so we decided to get some sport and go out for the Dace, we had a great time taking a good number of fish on dries as well as nymphs fished up and downstream, we also took a couple of Grayling which was great to see them doing well despite all the predators...

Some pictures:

There's a chance I'll be out again tomorrow, maybe try for a Pike first to get a good bend in the lure rod, then perhaps I'll head back for some more light sport with the fly rod(thank god they say...)

It's Frampton Game fair on Sunday, if you're in the area i can recommend it as a great day out, I'll be there, lets hope the weather dries up a bit eh?



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