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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Where has the time gone?!

So, I've been rather busy of late and as seems to be the trend lately(apologies) left old Wildflies.com to go a bit stale, something i don't do on purpose i assure you!

The last three months seem to have come and gone so fast, it doesn't seem five minutes since i was taking trout on Mays yet I've caught most coarse species and had a couple of trips to the coast, where does time go eh?

So, a recap is needed, and much overdue!

Since June 16th I've been out enjoying some great sport and re-acquainting myself with some of my favourite places, although all did not start as planned! Firstly it took me a couple of trips to find any chub, yes CHUB?! They must've been hammered by the bait boys for the first few days of the season because they were nowhere to be seen, in fact i had a lovely new Cane 5wt a had built by my friends at Rawson and Perrin which was built for the purpose of enjoying summer sport on low rivers with Chub and Perch etc, but could i find some Chub?!...

Eventually they started to show and after getting through some surprise brownies that took a liking to the big dries and damsels nymphs i had enormous fun catching all sorts, including heaps of quality Dace, some pictures to tell the tale...

I have a bunch more pictures somewhere, good Chub, 2lb Perch and rogue Pike, but i cant find them on the PC! I'll post them when i find them!


OK next a long weekend trip to the Cornish coast with fellow member of the Completefisher forum Alan, here's a diary of how the weekend turned out...

Cornwall July 2011

Friday the 15th was a day i was looking forward to, even before it had dawned i was heading south, and by the time the sun rose i was already a long way down the M5, on my way to meet Alan for a weekend of Fluff chucking on the Cornish coast. In our pre trip communications he'd told me of the "iffy" weather we were due to have head our way, as i said to Alan i tend to ignore the weather reports when I'm heading to my favourite stretch of the Duchy for two reasons, firstly I cant change the weather so there's no point in worrying about it, I'm going anyway! And secondly it's normally possible to find somewhere fish able in all but the very worst of conditions....

Friday 15th July

By mid morning the tent was fully assembled, pointed into a medium south westerly and pegged down, Alan arrived shortly after and soon the "pop up" tent was positioned alongside and we set about deciding on where to fish first.

We made a short trip in the car to a low water mark we've fished before, Alan tackled up with his Bass special while i opted for my "Instrument of the devil" Spinning rod, after much ribbing from Alan we walked out onto the foreshore and headed to an area of rocks that have produced in the past. After a little while with no interest i left Alan there i walked/cast my way up into the shallows putting my little popper in between weed fronds, i reached a large area about 18ins deep with plenty of weed in it and popped the lure through it, WHAM! within a pop or two the plug was hit, moments later a little Bass was slid ashore on the weed, blank beaten!

I put the plug through the same area another three times and another three Bass took it again, all the same size, peas in a pod you could say. I called Alan who had moved a little closer, he came over and he put his little popper fly through the area but with no luck, there were still plenty of Mullet around but no sign of anymore Bass. We wandered back around to avoid any trouble with the now rising tide, stood there in knee deep water chatting away when Alan's fly was nailed about 20 yrds out. "I've got one, i don't believe it!" Exclaimed Alan shortly before the hook came free from the fish, i was gutted for him but like he said he'd never had a Bass on a popper fly and now had the confidence to fish them again...

We headed back to the campsite for some much needed sustenance and after a brew and some super noodles we made for a good beach mark to fish the tide up, it was now raining and a bit miserable but the dull light gave me confidence! We both took 8wts plus the spinning rod and it was good job! Looking down from the car the sea had a nice swell to it but on ascending to the beach it was "rather blowy", to say the least!

We cast poppers over the shallow rocks hoping a Bass would grab it but it was just too stirred up for such shallows, a move was needed and after i fell on the rocks, slashed the palm of my right hand and snapped my spinning rod we got back in the car and headed for somewhere else!

We opted for a quiet beach mark flanked with rocks and shallow reefs plus some kelp and sandy patches thrown in for good measure, a bit of everything really! We Spent our time fan casting, starting short and working out but nothing was doing, we saw my dad out on the headland(on hols) but he didn't seem to catching either, i changed my gurgler for my standard sandeel clouser and second cast BAM, fish on! To my amazement it was another small Bass, evident by all the head shaking antics. Alan grabbed my camera outta my bag and snapped a quick portrait before the little tyrant was on his way. Shortly after that my dad turned up and confirmed that he'd not caught anything, that's fishing i guess!

Saturday 16th July

Alan's alarm woke us at a fraction before 4am, and after a brew we jumped in the car(trying not to wake the rest of the campsite) and headed for a nice medium depth high tide mark. We Had a great couple of hours or so fishing sandeel-esque clousers on intermediate lines, i took 13 Pollack and another Bass, and I'm not sure exactly how many Alan took but he was also enjoying good numbers of fish, and even more pulls, very entertaining fishing which was drawn out by the lack of early sunlight after dawn.

The day turned out to be pretty grotty and got progressively worse as it wore on, We fished the low water mark where I'd taken the 4 Bass on Friday only this time Alan had the luck. I wandered off messing with the camera and investigating a creek but on meeting back up with Al found him grinning due to a Bass that had grabbed his fly, i knew he was really keen to catch a Bass this year and even though it was a modest fish he'd caught one, and that's what matters.

That evening we fished with warm sunshine on our backs, Alan had a good pull early on but did not connect and i struggled to get any interest whatsoever! We moved to another set of rocks with a bay to the right and beach to the left, it was really calm in the shadow of the cliffs and before too long i was into pollack, quite a few Pollack as it happens, i started getting pulls every cast and after a fly change took 16 pollack in 16 casts! These were not little half pounders either, as the rest of the weekend was to show there seemed to be a good number of much better quality pollack around, not huge but a pound and a half Pollack on the fly rod is enjoyable, and i for one would happily catch them all day at that size! Alan still had yet to catch so i put him in the spot i was fishing while i investigated some disturbance at the back of the bay to the right, as i got closer i could see pollack smashing into whitebait around two inches long! The four inch clouser came off and on went something shorter and SHINY, after a few changes of retrieve i cracked it, they wanted the fly cast right in the thick of it, slowy sinking then very jerkily retrieved, i took two pound plussers then called to Alan to grab the 5wt. Ten mins later the little rod was nearly ripped from his hands as another Pollack took what he thought was an easy meal, the same mistake was made by his twin and Alan was smiling...

Sunday 17th July

Due to the fact the rain and wind had kept us both awake all night we were reluctant to go and stand in it at 4am and so tried for some kip with a view to getting up in a few hours and heading straight out of low water, which we did. It was blowing a gale at the campsite so after a quick check of the direction i knew where we could go to get out of it. we worked round to "the slab", a bunch of rocks only accessable as the tide drops with reefs and deep edges out infront. I had a good pull straight away and a Pollack lept out after my fly as i drew it up and off the water making me think we were in for some sport, i was wrong. Alan managed two Pollack and i blanked, we worked round to the headland through the now empty gulleys stopping here and there for a chuck. Once on the headland i swapped the intermediate for a fast sinker which quickly brought me a Pollack, shortly after a noticed pollack swimming under my feet in an undercut gulley, i picked up the 5wt and took another copper coloured gem in a matter of seconds! I think Alan caught a couple more but i cant be sure, the whole trip kinda blends into one looonnnggg day!

After some grub and a nap back at the tents we jumped back in the car, we made for the beach we fished on friday where i bust the spinning rod in three places, i was desperate to fish this place as i knew it would be our best chance of a better Bass. We got there to find it had calmed down a little, not still by any means, there was still a good swell and the water off the beach was milky, off the rocks was better and this is where we headed. We were joined by my brother Adam who had arrived for a weeks holiday the day before, i picked my spot on a small outcrop and the two A's wandered a little further along to get started. My standard clouser picked up a surprise Pollack more or less straight away, a good one too, then all went quiet over high tide. Adam strolled over and said that Alan had had something on that gave him the run around before it slipped the hook, Bugger!

We stood chatting while i fished on, i changed for a bulkier fly and within a couple of casts took a nice Bass around a pound and a half. He wandered back to try some more and no sooner had he got out of ear shot i hooked another fish, another Pollack?! in two feet of rough water, WAY before the light had gone?! I fished on for maybe half an hour and took a small Bass, Alan and Adam came over and i got the story of Alan's Bass from the man himself, i was gutted for him. They moved to try another spot and just as they were reaching the corner i hooked something much better! "OI!!!!" I shouted at the top of my voice, they came running back obviously expecting a monster, just as another Bass of a pound and a half came to hand.....He completely had me fooled in the shallow fast running water, a good fish which ever way you look at it. Not too long afterwards it was time to head back to the tents to try and get some much needed kip, gutted for Alan loosing that Bass but it was a good session, just what the doctor ordered...

Monday 18th July

The alarms went off a little later than the previous days to coinside with high water(and get some Zzzzzz's in), we felt like the spot we had plenty of Pollack and pulls from on saturday morning and got there fully expecting a similar experience, it wasn't to be. The tide was right but i feel it was just too bright and fish weren't on it like before. I think Alan teased a couple more Pollack out but to be honest i got rather side tracked by the Gannets that were working far out of casting range, a great sight those long narrow wings beating like the clappers...

We gave it best and before we knew it the weekend had past and it was time to make the long journey back north, unfortunately! The rain stopped while we packed the tents away and after a handshake and oath to do it again sometime wheels rolled.

A great weekend was had, perhaps no monsters, but good numbers of fish, my tally ended with 9 Bass and 36 Pollack and as Alan will confirm the weather did not make things easy. And more importantly it was spent in good company and good surroundings, something i know i really wish i could do a lot more of...

Here's to next time!


After some nifty negotiating at work i managed to get three days off to give me a further long weekend to head back to the coast, my father was heading down there and i was looking forward to doing some fishing together for the first time in a while. The weather couldn't have been more different from a week earlier, i even got sunburt! Calm seas and clear skies brought the baitfish in close and the Mackerel and Pollack gorged themselves on them, no Bass this time but when there's Mackerel about and catchable on the 5wt who cares?!

Some pictures(and video)...


It was a great trip with plenty of highlights! Watching Mackerel and Pollack smash into sprats at close quarters was incredible, the sunrise on my last morning, catching 35 Pollack and a dozen Mackerel in one session. But if i had to pick one it would be catching the Ballan wrasse, one hell of a bend was put in my 8wt, and a rather large smile on my face also!

So there we go, back up to date, hopefully i'll be out this weekend if only for a quick early morning session, i'll report back, Promise!!!!



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