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Monday, 15 August 2011


As i stated in the previous entry i intended to make it to the river yesterday, and that i did, and very glad am i too!...

I picked Adam up at 8am and made the 45 minute journey to the river, it was low, clear and everything that the bait fishing chaps don't seem to like, which meant we had the stretch to ourselves!

The day went fairly typically, armed with 5wts we caught Chub,Perch,Roach, Dace, Bleak, Grayling and Adam even managed a couple of mighty Gudgeon, but one capture stands out, one that will stay with me for some time...

I'd fished my way through a deep channel under a tree where some good Perch usually lie without any interest, Adam was working his way up a knee deep run next to some tall reeds, i made my way through a slow section full of weed to where a deep slow length shallows and speeds up, as i crept along keeping my silhouette off the skyline i scanned the gravel for fishy shapes, i saw one or two small brown trout, i kept creeping and almost walked straight passed a Barbel!

I sat down on some mossy rocks and set about changing my set up, i removed the streamer, changed to an 8lb tippet and put on a small caddis grub tied entirely of lead than painted with glass paints, just the thing for trundling across the gravel, or so i hoped! Adam joined me and i pointed the Barbel out "about 2lb" i said, i put the fly through a couple of times trying to get the nymph in line with the fish with enough lead to get it down to the bottom, all the while keeping from lining and ultimately spooking old whiskers! Out of the blue another Barbel joined it, "that's a lot more then 2lbs!" said Adam, pulses were now racing, would two fish being competitive up the chances of a hook up? only time would tell...

After one or two casts that didn't quite run through in line with the fish the nymph plopped in way ahead of the dark torpedoes and looked "spot on", it was now or never, we both burnt our eyes into the fly, the fish and the leader on the surface, the bigger fish moved slightly, the line paused, "yes!" shouted Adam as i lifted the rod, FISH ON! The fish showed it's flank and it quickly became apparent this was a very good Barbel, and i was attached to it via means of a 5wt fly rod?! The fish shot upstream, and while i didn't want it to bury itself in the reeds i was desperate to keep it from going downstream where a deep hole, fallen tree and all manner of problems were waiting to take this fish away from me! I kept a fully bent rod and steady pressure on the fish which came back down level with me before finding it's way into the deep hole, with all the force of the flow running over it while it sat in the hollow i struggled to move the fish an inch. This stale mate seemed to go on for an age and i was just waiting for it to use a burst of it's considerable power to disappear down into the the snags, but somehow the steady pressure prised it from it's lie in the hollow and with a now alarming bend in the 5wt i lead the brute into some calmer water. We weren't expecting to catch such leviathans and so only had our little scoop nets, Adam used his to great affect and in a mad flash HALF a Barbel was now safely in the net!!!

The only scales we had went to 7lb and were quickly bottomed out, we've caught a few double figure Barbel between us(Adam more than me) and guessed the fish to be somewhere between 8 and 9lbs, not your classic long, lean Barbel but more of a Hog of a fish! It was wide and tall, really tall! Adam took some pictures while i crouched low in the river trying to hold the fish still for it's portrait, then after holding her in the flow, head upstream for a couple of minutes it was clear she was ready to go, she thrust from my grip around the wrist of her tail and moved off, not far, just into some reeds where she sat for a further five or ten minutes obviously trying to work out what the hell had just happened!

Hands were shook and disbelief took over, like i said it will stay with me for a very long time...

Back to the salt at the end of the week, heading south with a few friends, all with armed with fly rods, should be good...




  1. hi graham. that's a great report and blog mate. excellent pictures and vids throughout. keep up the good work.


  2. Top stuff Graham.

    That is a fantastic looking bit of river you are fishing.

  3. Thanks guys, very kind!

    Just back from another weekend on the Cornish coast, lots to report and lots of photo's to process! Stay tuned...