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Saturday, 18 June 2011


It's been a while since i posted i know, but to be honest there's not been much happening! The heady May period has come and gone without too muss fuss at all, damp, windy and sometimes really bloody cool weather has meant feeding times for Trout have been a somewhat hit and miss affair, although i have managed one or two successful trips to the water...

I contacted Adam to see if he fancied making an evening Journey to the small river I've named "land of the giants" due to the size of it's spotty inhabitants, the following day, after fishing up at work we got there around 6pm. It was quiet. We were expecting great plumes of Mays hatching left right and centre but all the water Gods could offer were a few olives, we struggled. I think we managed two or three modest Brownies each but the star of the show was undoubtedly this large Dace that grabbed my damsel nymph as i figure of 8'd it back towards me, a big fish...

Once again i met up with Adam for another evening session, this time on the local stream, i wanted to visit a deep pool on a bend that's always held a lot of mystery and spend some time there watching and waiting to see what happened as the light faded on a warm day. I took two or three trout plus a Dace(probably 1/10th the size of the the previous), Adam spent more time with the camera than fishing, here's a video he put together...


I enjoyed the place so much that i headed back a couple of days later, it'd been a wet day but it was warm and i was hopeful of a few sedges taking to the air as the light levels dropped. As i walked down the riverbank a small group of Mays caught my eye, as you can imagine!

I reached the pool which had a family of swans paddling around in, i sat down and tackled up, as i degreased my leader the swans made for the shallows round the next bend downstream. A couple of fish had risen while i sat there but they didn't feel like rises to Mays, i tied one onto the leader anyway and continued to watch the water. One or two spent May's entered the pool from the narrow neck where the stream enters, i prospected around the head of the pool but contacted nothing. I carefully made a long cast and placed the fly a foot from the reeds on the far bank, right under an overhanging tree. I twitched the fly before it was oh so casually slurped from the surface and disappeared like a spacecraft into the nose cone of a larger spacecraft from a bond film! I lifted the rod into what was clearly a good fish, much bigger than the average for this stream, the pool is 10ft deep in places so there were no airborne antics which was kind of nice, the fish just put a steady bend in the 5wt at bored deep zipping all over the place before i had him in the net. I took two more, one again on a may and one on a sedge, in the middle of a thunder storm!!!

It was a great evening till i twisted my ankle by sliding it down a rock mid stream, as they say, no pain.....no gain!

I was out today, 2 days after the start of the coarse season on our rivers, it rained. A lot. But i did catch and christen and new rod! I'm out again tomorrow, joined by Adam and heading to a different river, the weather looks much better overnight so some I'm looking forward to a good day of spotting fish and presenting flies to them, I'll report back in the next couple of days!




  1. Great stuff as usual Graham........... Moonraker is the name of the Bond film.

  2. Cheers Tom, as ever!

    Lots of updates coming shortly, it's been a while i know, i've been fishing;)