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Sunday, 6 February 2011

A better Pike...

Despite the past weeks foul weather it has been pretty much dry, and therefore the river has stayed it's normal winter level, which meant that i couldn't wait to get back on the bank this morning!

I fished my usual second spot, first, a lovely shallow weir that i know intimately due to years spent wading it year round, in the summer it's crammed full of small Roach, Dace and other small species, in the winter the Roach shoal up here making it a great place for the Pike to ambush them and pack on the weight ready for spawning. I've taken a number of good fish here including my PB, but today i managed a medium sized fish of 6-7lbs who gave a very spirited account of himself before i chinned him, turned the hook and slipped him on his way.

The second spot(my usual first) is another weir(can you see the pattern forming?), only this one is much deeper. My favourite spot is a slack which is mostly around three feet deep with the odd deeper hole thrown in for good measure, this then drops into the main weir where decades of millions of gallons of water have scoured out some lovely riverbed contours. I reached the water and before wading into position i swung my fly out a couple of rod lengths, let it sink and twitched it back, as the fly came into view there was the undeniable shape of a Pike shadowing the "dying Roach", as i let it hang above the fishes head the pectoral and pelvic fins pulsed before it shot off into the green murk.

I moved along the bank slipped into the water and waded into position, i began casting along the bank where I'd seen the fish a moment ago, nothing happened. I'd just cast the fly along the edge of the drop off, where the shallow slack falls into the weir when the line went taut, i lifted the rod and within moments the loose line I'd stripped in was back on the reel as the fish ran off into deeper water. Compared to the average fish from earlier this was a different beast altogether, it took a few decent runs out across the weir and refused to be brought up in the water column. Finally she broke surface and i could see she was a double, a quick measure and at 33ins she went somewhere just over 11lbs, a great result!

I fished on for another half an hour and took a tiny but fat as a barrel wee Pike of maybe a pound and a half before i left for home, a happy man...

Unfortunately i was on my own and therefore picture and video taking was not easy, however click on the link below for a short video of the bigger fish going back

Pike goes back...

Hopefully the rain later on in the week wont have too much impact on the river level and i'll be out again, fingers crossed, i cant wait!



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