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Welcome to Wildflies.com, and i hope you enjoy the site!

Everything here is my own, the words, images and video, all taken by myself whilst out fishing or spending time in wild places, which is what it's all about in my view! Get out there and enjoy it, or grab a cup of tea, sit down and i'll go for you!...

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Sunday, 2 January 2011

New year, new look!...

Whilst being stuck inside today due to contracting a good dose of man flu(it'd kill a woman you know!) i thought i'd give the place a spruce up, dont worry though! i've not deleted or got shot of anything.......... just changed the place around a little and given it a face-lift!

Hope you approve,



  1. Nice job Graham. Looks very good.

  2. Ta Ben, That bamboo 8wt finished yet? The Pike are waiting;)

  3. Soon, check the site for updates! You will have a swish soon!