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Friday, 31 December 2010

See ya next year!...

So we come to the end of 2010, and it's flown by!

It doesn't seem five minutes since i was nettles up to the armpits working my way through to the tiny stream hoping to see the May's hatching, or firing out the full line for Bass at dawn while watching gannets soar over on a Cornish millpond sea.

I've learnt a huge amount about taking chub on the fly this year and thanks to my new favourite fly (the FB) i cant wait to get at them again come June!

There's only a few weeks till the end of the coarse season ends on the rivers so i will be concentrating on the Pike, who hopefully will be putting on some weight before breeding. To be honest the Pike have been quiet this year on my river, i don't know if they've been under more pressure from bait anglers, or perhaps they've had far too much natural food on offer and just couldn't be bothered to chase my offerings?! It is always this time of year that produces the better fish for me though, when i started this blog at the beginning of the year I'd just caught my second biggest at 14lb, the last day of the season which incidentally was exactly a year after catching my PB at 16lb, and only a stone throws away too!...

I also start thinking about the tiny overgrown streams and the river ninjas that live there, 5ft bamboo rods and dry flies, roll on April!!!

The weather has once again been against us these past few weeks, and it's not been easy getting out to wet a line, and when i have I've sometimes found the river frozen from bank to bank! And although this does make the heart sink a little it's always great to be out, and more often than not i end up faffing around with the camera, of which i have a new one. I cant wait to take it to some of the wild places i fish, and once mother nature wakes up from her winter sleep and starts to brighten the place up a little it should make for some great photo-ing(and video-ing) opportunities!

A few recent pics etc...

So here's looking forward to 2011, Happy new year!!!



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