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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Catch up!...

Once again I've been lacking in my posting(blush), my apologies I've been rather busy with this and that, but did manage a quick jaunt down to Cornwall for a break with my girlfriend Paula!

Once again the weather was more than a little damp, with a good dose of the blowy stuff to make the use of the fly rod Nye on impossible! Fortunately i had what a friend recently called " the implements of the devil" with me, i.e my Plugging rod which coped with the conditions much better than the 8wt, never mind the 5wt!

Other than a one day where we ventured out with a view to christening Paula's new spinning rod i only managed a couple of quick sessions in between gales! The first being a couple of hours off the beach, and despite it being almost midday and a gap in the clouds brightening the sky a bit too much the tide was just right, quietly lapping in over the shallow rocks with a nice amount of white water to offer any Bass some cover. I clipped on the skitter pop and worked my way over the rocks putting some life into the plastic as it gurgled it's way over the banacles in only a foot or so of foamy water, within half a doze casts the plug was nailed, there was a swirl and a satisfying throb coming from the rod tip! It was only a small fish but it proved that they were there, and that they didn't mind the bright conditions, the blank was beat!

As the tide made it's way in over the shallows i moved back up the beach and covered the newly filled gulleys and pools with the plug, half an hour passed with nothing so i swapped the surface pattern for a heavier spoon that still fished shallow. This allowed me to fish a little further out, and while it's not always the order of the day it worked, again within half a dozen casts another small Bass was slid into hand before beng sent on his way...

I had a break after that fish and let the tide make for a little while, with the skitter pop back on(and a full belly) i started to cover the pools and gulleys again, searching for fish. The wind had picked up and even the braid had a fair bow in the line as the plug sailed out, it didn't matter though as a few cranks of the reel brought me back in direct contact once again. I'd popped the plug over a small gulley and a fair way back in, i was just thinking about re casting when it disappeared in a swirl! Another nod nod nod of the tip told me it was another small fish, which was fine, i was after all catching! I slipped two of the barbless(and a bit rusty) trebles from his lip and off he went to pester the blennies...

The next morning i was up before dawn hoping to contact a larger Bass, it didn't happen! I got absolutely soaked due to being on holiday and not "fishing!", my chesties would've been just the ticket lol! I did manage a small Ballan Wrasse though, he ambushed my shallow plug in two feet of water only a couple of rod lengths out, perhaps it woke him up!..

Later in the day we got down to the beach as the tide ebbed, net in hand we did some rockpooling and found allsorts of Bass food lurking in and around the weed and rocks, Paula was especially pleased with her first "non assisted" Pipefish, she'd seen them before but not found one on her own...

As the tide began to make i was knee deep covering the shallows again, second cast and Whallop! The skitter Pop get wells and truly knobled by another Bass, as before not big but slightly better than the previous fish and it gave a really dogged scrap in the surf, a real bar of silver!...

The next day was our last there, the weather wasn't too bad so we set out to christen Paula's rod, we tried a small creek first hoping she might catch her first bass but it wasn't to be so we headed for a headland that juts out into nice deep water, just the place for a wrasse or two! We arrived a little time before high water, had a quick spin with no luck so both concentrated on the Wrasse. I was using circle hooks for the first time for Wrasse, how brilliant are they?! I had one nice fish on a running lead set up, as the fish (eventually) came to the surface i could see the hook clearly in the scissors, and by the time Paula netted the fish and we'd rested him in a pool the hook had fallen out, i'll be using nothing else from now on!..

Paula was floatfishing smaller hooks hoping to tempt her favourite Corkwing's but they were being more than a little challenging! Eventually we gave up with the float and swapped it for anothing running lead, she'd not ledgered before and the sensation of the savage bites transmitted down the rod were it think a little scary for her i think! She did very well though and managed two Ballans, both christening the rod and putting a smile on her face!..

On the last morning i headed to the beach again with a view to "popping" the shallows as the light changed, this quickly changed as i searched the car boot as discovered i'd left my reel in Paula's bag yesterday! I thought aout going back for it but decided this was devine intervention and that i'd use the 8wt as i had it!

Fortunately the wind had dropped nicely and in n time at all i was casting nearly the full floating line and covering the runs i wanted to, i had a small 3ins Gurgler on which i thought would be just what the Bass wanted as dawn broke. In short i didn't land a single fish, BUT i was hit at least 15 times! At first i thought it was small pollack swirling at the fly but soon i had Bass in the 2-3lb range hitting the fly with such pace that they'd come flying out the water clearing the surface by 2 feet! I changed to a smaller pattern, fished a standard Clouser but it was the Gurgler they wanted, i suspect that the clouser just wasn't making it's presence felt in the shallow surfy water where as the Gurgler most certainly was! I had a magic hour or so as the light changed but all too soon it was time to head home.

Another great break in Kernow and one that although the weather didn't play ball we still managed to fool a few and as always i learnt a lot, i hope to get back down there soon and have a few revised flies i cant wait to throw around!

The sooner the better!...

P.S Thanks for the Emails, keep em coming!



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