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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Short evening sessions...

I managed to get to the local last night for a couple of hours, i'd heard of some good sport on mays the night before and was hoping for some of the same, "should've been here yesterday" was never more apt, little was rising and due to rain during the day i'm sure this was down to the lower water temp...

I did however manage 4 scrappy little brownies, a rogue Grayling and an out of season Chub, all to a dark little sedge that's been th downfall of many fish recently! Although it was a couple of weeks early for the Chub it was welcome, obviously finished with spawning and now setting about putting some weight back on. I do love Chub and am dying to get to the Bristol avon after them in a couple of weeks time, they can be taken on such a variety of flies from small nymphs to big dries, beetles and huge streamers, fantastic sport on a 5wt!

I did also spot an odd looking insect in the bank side vegatation, i took a snap and later looked him up in the book where i discovered it to be Osmylus fulvicephalus, the UK's biggest Lacewing, a very impressive beastie indeed...

I may be in with a chance of a couple more free hours tonight, here's hoping!



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