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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Mopping up mays...

Manage a couple of hours tonight i did!(Yoda?)

Got to the stream and may's were everywhere, much to the delight of the trout who were steadily mopping them up. I decided to concentrate my efforts on the better fish and leave the small, excited, splashy fish alone. I managed half a dozen in total, nothing massive but all around 12oz-lb and great sport on the 6ft 6" 4wt. I lost two very good fish to hook pulls in the same deep pool, one of which had some weight behind it, throwing the hook as it wound itself up for a run into the roots! I took a fish from a small pool that's never produced a fish for me before, in 3yrs of fishing it!

The best fish had an almighty tail, a real shovel of a thing which it used with delight taking up and down the pool, close to the roots on the right, close to the roots on the left! I have a video of him going back that i'll try and edit tomorrow, here's a couple of pics in the mean time(top one to show the TAIL)...

Don't think i'll be out again for a few days, i took delivery of the new cane 5ft 3wt brook rod i've had built by friends, it does look the business, just the job for the tight little overgrown stream i like to fish on the weekends! I hope the May's stick around for the weekend, would make a real baptism of fire for the new wand...



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