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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Mission accomplished!...

I had a call from a couple of friends today, they've recently began to manufacture cane rods on a commercial basis and asked if i would join them with the camera and take a few shots for them. Only too happy to oblige, and not needing any excuses to spend some time on the riverbank we met up and strolled downstream to a likely area of our local.

The recent rain has done a world of good to the area, every thing's really growing at "full tilt" now and looking great for it!


The air seemed to be busy also, along with the birdsong there were more than just a few of these skittering around

Along with, and more importantly plenty of these hovering around on the far bank...

Hawthorn fly
We hadn't walked far before we noticed a fish feeding avidly, enjoying the arrival of the hawthorns no doubt and cashing in on the feast! The rod, plus operator crept into position slightly downstream of the fish and waited for a couple more clumsy hawthorns to meet their maker before flicking the imitation out for inspection, i think this next set of pictures speak for themselves.....



Mind the roots!

The prize...
It was great to see the rod perform so well, this one is a little under seven feet in length and takes a 4wt line, i did have more than a little swish with it and was very impressed.

We walked upstream looking for other fish to target and took some more pictures of the rod in the surroundings it belongs in. The sun came out for a spell and lit the place up beautifully, only it just made us wish we had more time to enjoy it!

Before long it was time to go, we'd only been there a little over an hour and managed to take plenty of shots, find a fish, put the right fly to it AND catch it! After deciding on the right taper i've put an order in for a small 5ft rod, perfect for those tight brooks where the 6ft 6ins is a little too cumbersome. We said our farewells and the last words i heard as i got in the car were "the cane will be cut and flamed in the next couple of days", my mouth is watering already!....


P.S See my links at the bottom of the page for more info, i believe the rod section is to be updated shortly....



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